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But, in that case I do not see any counters increase on collision parameter on the interface. Portal Forum Neue Beitršge Hilfe Kalender Community Benutzerliste Aktionen Alle Foren als gelesen markieren NŁtzliche Links Heutige Beitršge Forum-Mitarbeiter anzeigen Was ist neu? If the terminal device of the other party is a telephone, then it rang but the call was not answered. A laptop is connected to an access port, and the port is defined with below commands on the switch:-speed 100duplex fullspanning-tree portfastspanning-tree bpduguard enableIf I go by bpduguard definition, I am http://caribtechsxm.com/protocol-error/protocol-error-layer-1-david.php

Like Show 0 Likes (0) Actions Join this discussion now: Log in / Register 10. The number you are calling could not be reached because it has no line assigned to it. For example: if the ISDN option "Call waiting" is activated on the other party's line, a telephone can answer your call even if a call is in progress at the time. Miller --- drivers/isdn/capi/capidrv.c | 195 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ drivers/isdn/capi/capiutil.c | 200 ----------------------------------------- include/linux/isdn/capiutil.h | 5 - 3 files changed, 195 insertions(+), 205 deletions(-) diff --git a/drivers/isdn/capi/capidrv.c b/drivers/isdn/capi/capidrv.c index cc9f192..70e67f6 100644 --- a/drivers/isdn/capi/capidrv.c

You can work round this problem by turning off the fax option in the settings for your CAPI driver. 2007 Illegal message parameter coding. 30xx Check local ISDN PC configuration 3001 Try again later. 3495 Call rejected. Re: err-disabled probabilites Saurabh Garg Dec 7, 2009 9:18 PM (in response to Martin) Thank Martin,However, port-security is not configured on the switch. Von makoll im Forum Asterisk Allgemein Antworten: 0 Letzter Beitrag: 27.07.2009, 12:38 Dropbear SSH Verbindung klappt nicht Von decoder im Forum FRITZ!Box Fon: Modifikationen Antworten: 4 Letzter Beitrag: 02.07.2009, 13:09 usb

  1. Close down all applications and restart you PC. 1109 The CAPI driver is not ready. 2001 Message not supported in current state 2002 Illegal Controller / PLCI / NCCI.
  2. Wait a while and try again. 34A9 Temporary failure.
  3. On Dell workstations I have seen NIC driver corruption and they don't let that sticky setting actually work so we leave at auto.Also does anyone have mini hubs below their desks
  4. Are you using a suitable cable?
  5. Do you only have it configured on some interfaces associated with pc's and some you don't?
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  7. Contact the other party to find out the cause. 349C Invalid number format.
  8. Anwendung - InfoCenter (Kommunikation) - errorcodes rolf apin, 18.04.2008 17:52 Hallihallo,seit einigen Tagen kŲnnen wir keine Faxe mehr empfangen und senden.

Von visore im Forum FRITZ!Box Fon: DSL, Internet und Netzwerk Antworten: 4 Letzter Beitrag: 18.11.2007, 20:20 Sinux45 ISDN an 7170 klappt, aber keine PC-Verbindung Von ledding im Forum Allgemeines Antworten: 2 ASIQ_DENT: Aborting on severity 5 Open Client Message Layer 2, Origin 1, Severity 1, Number 31 cs_ctx_drop: cslib user api layer: external error: The context structure cannot be dropped because the Aktivitšten Erweiterte Suche Forum VoIP-(Software) TK-Anlagen Asterisk Asterisk ISDN mit CAPI (chan_capi, chan_capi_cm) Verbindung zum ISDN-AnlagenanschluŖ klappt nicht Wenn dies Ihr erster Besuch hier ist, lesen Sie bitte zuerst die Hilfe Re: err-disabled probabilites david Lammers Dec 8, 2009 9:19 AM (in response to Saurabh Garg) It the laptop a mac?

Die¬†Karte¬†war¬†standardm√§√üig¬†auf¬†Leased¬†Line¬†(Standleitung)¬†nach¬†dem capiinit¬†gestellt.¬†Dummerweise¬†konnte¬†ich¬†nicht¬†auf Point-to-Multipoint¬†umstellen,¬†weil¬†das¬†normalerweise¬†schon¬†die Standardeinstellung¬†sein¬†sollte,¬†sondern¬†h√∂chstens¬†auf Point-to-Point,¬†was¬†aber¬†nat√ľrlich¬†genauso¬†falsch¬†gewesen¬†w√§re. Wšre auch nachvollziehbar, denn die ISDN-Karte muss dem ISDN-Anschluss entsprechend konfiguriert werden: P2P (= Point to Point = Anlagenanschluss). Contact the other party to establish the cause. 3493 No answer from user (user alerted). http://www.heise.de/forum/heise-online/Hardware/Modems-ISDN/Re-Fehler-0x3302-Protocol-error-layer-2/posting-829427/show/ Remove from profile Feature on your profile More Like This Retrieving data ...

defective SFF file)ISDN error codesThese codes are ISDN error codes which are described by the ETS 300 102-01 standard in more detail. It may be that when you parked the call you chose a code number that is already occupied. Re: err-disabled probabilites david Lammers Dec 9, 2009 7:47 AM (in response to Saurabh Garg) Saurabh,You said there are various laptops/desktops but this is happensing on 95% of the ports.Going back One of the users of the connection cancelled the connection.

Is the err-disable happening on all interfaces with this configuration or just a few (particular department...etc)?Just curious, I've never found a reason to use this particular command...just spanning-tree portfast (outside of https://forge.univention.org/svn/dev/branches/ucs-2.4/ucs/kernel/avm-capi-fcpci-modules/modules/avm-capi-fcpci-modules/CAPI20_Errormessages.txt Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Fax-Modem (Elsa) und 1 x DECT-Telefon DSL-Anbindung: T-Com DSL-Business 2000 | VoIP-Anbindung (IAX): Portunity Zitieren « Vorheriges Thema | Nšchstes Thema » ńhnliche Themen Verbindung Junghanns E1 zum PMX klappt nicht! The terminal device on the number you are calling could not be reached, because the port for this device did not work.

Exciting Jobs Using Cisco Technology Cisco TAC Job Openings Create Your IT Career Create Your IT Career Create Your Career Toolkit & Webinars Internet of Things Webinar Series Women in Networking Check This Out blkcdba001$ Running into this error extracting data via temp extract. Please try the request again. Those other commands are for switch to switch onlyChange to this please:no spanning-tree portfast no spanning-tree bpduguard enableduplex autoswitchport mode access vlan (whatever vlan is correct) <-- optionalCisco IOS is very

The device that answers the call first gets the connection. An invalid numeric precision was received. Re: err-disabled probabilites IntegrationArchitect Dec 8, 2009 7:57 AM (in response to Saurabh Garg) For a host client latop/pc/server your using the wrong commands on the port. http://caribtechsxm.com/protocol-error/protocol-error-layer-1-m.php If the port still receives a BPDU, it is put in the ErrDisable state as a protective measure. "http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/switches/lan/catalyst6500/ios/12.1E/native/command/reference/S1.html#wp1179312What I was recommending is for problem isolation with no portfast and no

Re: err-disabled probabilites Martin Dec 7, 2009 9:14 PM (in response to Saurabh Garg) isn't that security error? " switchport port-security " command configures layer 2 security (MAC addresses). The number you are calling cannot answer any calls at the moment because all channels are being used. 3492 No user responding. Re: err-disabled probabilites welly Dec 7, 2009 11:09 PM (in response to Saurabh Garg) Hi,What is the output given on the switch log?Spanning tree blcok bpdu guard action will provide details

Contact your telephone company for the new number. 349A Non-selected user clearing. 349B Destination out of order.

However, this is a common feature across various access ports I have observed in this LAN that spreads for about 2000 users.As per the causes / source you have given:-Duplex mismatch Re: err-disabled probabilites david Lammers Dec 8, 2009 9:28 AM (in response to Saurabh Garg) If the it is a mac the switch is working the way it should. No connection is established for the others. 3301-3310 A modem (ISDN adapter hardware or software) made available by the CAPI driver displays the message that the connection has been cancelled. 3311-3318 So, duplex mismatch is a possible reason, but I am unable to find the justification to that.Port channel misconfiguration No port channel configured on access port, where the issue is occurring.BPDU

The phone number has the right format, however. wrong resolution)3314 - T.30 (fax) error: Disconnect during transfer (remote abort)3315 - T.30 (fax) error: Disconnect during transfer (remote procedure error)3316 - T.30 (fax) error: Disconnect during transfer (local transmit data This indicates a configuration error. have a peek here Follow us:Terms & ConditionsPrivacy StatementCookie PolicyTrademarksLanguagesChinaJapanIndiaJive Software Version: , revision: Custom [IQUG] Error extract IQ table to flat file Louie, David David.Louie at blackrock.com Tue Apr 21 09:43:24 MST 2015

Ne neue Firmware hat dann das Problem gelöst. The number you are calling did not answer within the time period required by your connection. Im Protokoll des Ports habe ich folgende Fehlermeldung beim Senden:ISDN_API_REGISTER (ApplID: 1)RECEIVE ENABLE: OKRECEIVE DISABLESelected Protocol : Fax (T30)CONNECT_REQ 083129021CONNECT_CONFDISCONNECT_IND (0x3302) Protocol error layer 2DISCONNECT_RESPISDN_API_RELEASE (ApplID: 1)ISDN_API_REGISTER (ApplID: 1)RECEIVE ENABLE: OKDavid With an incoming call, the network passes the number called (MSN) to all devices on the ISDN line.

Klicken Sie oben auf 'Registrieren', um den Registrierungsprozess zu starten. The only recovery from this error is to perform a CAPI_RELEASE"; + case 0x1106: + return "Unknown notification parameter"; + case 0x1107: + return "The Message could not be accepted because Problems in the ISDN network. Total unlogisch aber funktioniert..

Possible causes are collision, underruns, bad network card or software."cheers,Saurabh Like Show 0 Likes (0) Actions Join this discussion now: Log in / Register 12.