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Proxy Error 407 Proxy Authentication Required Putty


section: global, PassNTLMv2 = ... Cntlm Configuration # The username of the client you wish to masquerade as. # Username username # The domain name of the network you are connected too. # Domain domain.tld # What else needs to be configured for yum to get through the proxy? proxychains yum update). http://caribtechsxm.com/proxy-error/putty-proxy-error-403-ok.php

Your questions are welcome in this subforum. Tunneling... area, you will find the proxy server and the port. I know I still can't do it.

Putty Ntlm

When should ntlmaps be loaded? Created an environment file in /etc with the following in: export ftp_proxy=http://proxy_server_name:80 export http_proxy= http://proxy_server_name:80 and then and this is something that it took me a while to figure out, if Access to the Web Proxy filter is denied. ) Trying other mirror.

This is result of "yum update" [[email protected] rhn]# yum update Gathering header information file(s) from server(s) Server: Fedora Core 1 - i386 - Base retrygrab() failed for: http://download.fedora.redhat.com/pub/fedora/linux/core/updates/1/i386/headers/headers/header.info Executing failover method reply Wed, 05/28/2014 - 17:42 — Anonymous (not verified) You can do this with an FTP You can do this with an FTP server reply Sat, 10/19/2013 - 21:21 — Anonymous I can tell you that I can connect to my SSH server using port 443 from outside of the corporate network. please help me how to solve this i am new to linux so explain in detail previously i was trying to configure and get the gpg key there i have created

Works fine now. Putty Proxy Settings And my wireless card can't be seen until I install 'ndiswrapper' (no Linux drivers available) so you have your 'catch-22'. Thanks! dig this Also, for the ones getting the numerical error..

I am connection to a NetBSD server 1.6 running OpenSSH 3.4 on port 443, but had the same problem on an OpenBSD server with OpenSSH 3.4. Cheers Ah-ha zabilcm15th November 2004, 05:47 AMFor people behind a windows proxy which uses NTLM authentication this link will help. As my FULL email address is my username, the above format would expand as below, with two '@'s, so yum would treat abcd.com as password, which would fail. Regards, Robert de Bock.

  • Some cool features, the "setup.bat" in the windows installer adds cntlm as a windows service - very nice.Also, if you don't want a clear text password in your config.
  • Flags: 0xA208B205 Sending PROXY auth request...
  • If it only works if everything is setup just right, where's the robustness?

Putty Proxy Settings

I configured FC6 squid to use the localhost nameserver (by running bind) and/or specified the nameserver in /etc/resolve.conf. coppertrail17th July 2006, 06:41 PMOk, found the answer. Putty Ntlm It does NOT support NTLM authentication. Cntlm Probably this is a natural problem with open-source development, where it's hard to impose strict requirements, and maybe that's even a bad thing, but it prevents the normalization of resources, and

Do you think will work the CNTLM auth please ? http://caribtechsxm.com/proxy-error/putty-proxy-error-502-ssl.php If someone's proxy username or password contains any special characters, percent encoding might work. In our organization, the proxy username is the FULL email address. It gave me the same information I had before, but in the log files ... What Is My Ip

Please explain. Is there anything I can do in order not to be forced every time to use this work around ? English isn't my power suite, so I have to try asking. have a peek here your Web browser or our CheckUpDown robot) was correct, but access to the URL resource requires the prior use of a proxy server that needs some authentication which has not been

On AsyncOS versions 7.x and above, the 'NTLMSSP or Basic' authentication scheme is configured in Identities under GUI --> Web Security Manager --> Identities --> "Define Members by Authentication" section. You can assist by endorsing our service to the security personnel. The same discussion applies to error 407 as to error 401, except that an additional proxy server is involved for 407.

no i don't have any other ideas....

If the WSA is configured for NTLM authentication only, Putty will return this error message. Another user has experimented with this, and concluded that the problem is that the proxy insists that the authentication scheme be "Basic" rather than "basic". I'm still working on the environment variable - I'm using Kubuntu on my IBM thinkpad. This error occurs in the final step above when the client receives an HTTP status code that it recognises as '407'.

Please wait. 14:51:30 : ---> Package HelixPlayer.i386 1:1.0.6-1.fc4.2 set to be updated 14:51:30 : --> Running transaction check ================================================== =========================== Package Arch Version Repository Size ================================================== =========================== Updating: HelixPlayer i386 1:1.0.6-1.fc4.2 Works fine now.This worked for my situation, but I had to use the following modification as our proxy requires authentication: http_proxy=http://username:[email protected] Thank you for your post, and for the other member Then start a new session(window) & try "yum update". Check This Out Not the answer you're looking for?

Me in IT Linux and Open Source consultancy in infrastructural environments Consultancy About The Pirate Bay Contact Languages English Nederlands Home Using Putty and an HTTP proxy to ssh anywhere through I think CNTLM want some user/pass information ... I'm configured for DHCP. On these sites you have to use the # `passive' feature of FTP.

See what works for you. section: global, Domain = ... I followed the recipe to the letter and i run cntlm correctly (i think) since it says the service started with no errors.I then start putty and it says "Putty Fatal now sudo yum update.