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Generic Operating System Services » 15.1. exception RuntimeError¶ Raised when an error is detected that doesn't fall in any of the other categories. Further files opened by a process will then be assigned 3, 4, 5, and so forth. For example, on Windows systems using the FAT or FAT32 file systems, st_mtime has 2-second resolution, and st_atime has only 1-day resolution. this content

It is not meant to be directly inherited by user-defined classes (for that, use Exception). exception TabError¶ Raised when indentation contains an inconsistent use of tabs and spaces. Some platforms define additional names as well. For example: >>> raise NameError('HiThere') Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 1, in NameError: HiThere The sole argument to raise indicates the exception to be raised. https://docs.python.org/2/library/exceptions.html

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On Unix, this calls the native fsync() function; on Windows, the MS _commit() function. Refer to the system documentation for putenv. the last 3 digits of the octal representation of the mode) are set, their meaning is platform-dependent.

  1. import module_does_not_exist $ python exceptions_ImportError_nomodule.py Traceback (most recent call last): File "exceptions_ImportError_nomodule.py", line 12, in import module_does_not_exist ImportError: No module named module_does_not_exist 2.
  2. os.O_BINARY¶ os.O_NOINHERIT¶ os.O_SHORT_LIVED¶ os.O_TEMPORARY¶ os.O_RANDOM¶ os.O_SEQUENTIAL¶ os.O_TEXT¶ The above constants are only available on Windows.
  3. Changed in version 2.5: Changed to inherit from BaseException.
  4. os.isatty(fd)¶ Return True if the file descriptor fd is open and connected to a tty(-like) device, else False.

Note On Mac OS X, open()2 behavior differs somewhat from other Unix platforms. See also PEP 3151 - Reworking the OS and IO exception hierarchy 5.3. var DOCUMENTATION_OPTIONS = { URL_ROOT: '../', VERSION: '2.7.12', COLLAPSE_INDEX: false, FILE_SUFFIX: '.html', HAS_SOURCE: true }; 1 var DOCUMENTATION_OPTIONS = { URL_ROOT: '../', VERSION: '2.7.12', COLLAPSE_INDEX: false, FILE_SUFFIX: '.html', HAS_SOURCE: true }; Python Errno These methods do not make it possible to retrieve the exit status from the child processes.

There are a few conditions where an ImportError might be raised. Python Custom Exception Note On Mac OS X, the length of groups may not exceed the system-defined maximum number of effective group ids, typically 16. except ZeroDivisionError as err: ... Predefined Clean-up Actions¶ Some objects define standard clean-up actions to be undertaken when the object is no longer needed, regardless of whether or not the operation using the object succeeded or

There are a number of different popen*() functions that provide slightly different ways to create subprocesses. Python Exception Class Methods os.read(fd, n)¶ Read at most n bytes from file descriptor fd. Availability: most flavors of Unix, Windows. 09(varname, value)¶ Set the environment variable named varname to the string value. New in version 2.2.

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On some platforms, they are ignored and you should call chmod() explicitly to set them. https://docs.python.org/3/tutorial/errors.html Availability: Unix. Python Exception Message Availability: Unix. 32(pid)¶ Call the system call 1. Python Filenotfounderror Corresponds to errno EEXIST.

The code works fine if the directory does not already exist, but if the directory does exist, then I get the error: WindowsError: [Error 183] Cannot create a file when that news Applications are responsible for properly creating and managing files created using paths returned by tmpnam(); no automatic cleanup is provided. share|improve this answer answered Jun 12 '09 at 22:02 Joey 206k42447523 10 Yep. This is a subclass of OSError. Python Valueerror Example

File name and line number are printed so you know where to look in case the input came from a script. 8.2. groups must be a sequence, and each element must be an integer identifying a group. If pid is 0, the process group id of the current process is returned. have a peek at these guys See the Unix manual for the semantics.

Not the answer you're looking for? Python Attributeerror Object Has No Attribute encoding¶ The name of the encoding that raised the error. See the Unix man page access(2) for more information.

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exception ConnectionError¶ A base class for connection-related issues. New in version 2.0. For example, err.object[err.start:err.end] gives the particular invalid input that the codec failed on. Python 3 Exceptions os.O_RDONLY¶ os.O_WRONLY¶ os.O_RDWR¶ os.O_APPEND¶ os.O_CREAT¶ os.O_EXCL¶ os.O_TRUNC¶ The above constants are available on Unix and Windows.

This is derived from Exception rather than StandardError, since this is not considered an error in its normal application. Thanks for pointing it out for me, it works fine now! –Karnivaurus Feb 25 '14 at 22:30 add a comment| up vote 2 down vote You mis-read it. It seems goofy to have an extra name for one of the exceptions, yet it survives into Python 3.0. check my blog Built-in Exceptions 6.1.

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