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Rails 3.1 Custom Error Pages


before_filter return unauthorized if :status == 401? Not the answer you're looking for? Unfortunately, everything I found was missing a piece or two, so here's my attempt at tying it all together. We could make it more RESTful by refactoring our errors controller to use a show action instead. useful reference

Here is the entire content: class ErrorsController < ApplicationController def show status_code = params[:code] || 500 flash.alert = "Status #{status_code}" render status_code.to_s, status: status_code end end My preference was to set If the error page has errors. You’ll see that your development server does not respond as desired. Once you get to this stage, it's pretty magical.

Rails 4 Custom Error Pages

While they get the job done, these pages are pretty bland, so in this post I’ll show you how to update them to suit the design of your application. I advice people to try the one mentioned here. –Kristoffer Nov 11 '14 at 13:41 add a comment| up vote 4 down vote We've made a gem which does this for Related 1013How can I rename a database column in a Ruby on Rails migration?97Remove ActiveRecord in Rails 3415Rails 3, how to roll back a Migration file?425Purge or recreate a Ruby on for flexible exception handling read this: http://blog.plataformatec.com.br/2012/01/my-five-favorite-hidden-features-in-rails-3-2/ dreammaker commented Feb 16, 2013 This is missing in the controller: class ErrorsController < ApplicationController def error_404 render status: 404 end def error_500 render

Therefore, to render custom 404 pages, you could simply add to your router: match "/404", :to => "errors#not_found" And implement the logic in the controller as you wish! All articles © 2016 Matt Brictson Consulting mattbrictson.com About Articles Contact Sorry, your browser is unsupported. Beyond basic 404 and 500 pages If all you want is to route RecordNotFound and routing errors to 404 and everything else to 500, it's pretty easy. Rails 404 Page With Layout Rails OS X Setup Guide Installing an rbenv-based Rails stack on El Capitan, Yosemite, or Mavericks Build and Deploy a Rails VPS, Part 1 Start by provisioning an Ubuntu 14.04 VPS,

Here’s how I set up Minitest with Rails, and the gotchas I encountered along the way. Rails Render 404 Page I wanted to be able to raise an exception anywhere in the code and have it result in responding to the user with a custom 401 page. 401 Unauthorized falls outside I have decided to take the easy approach suggested near the end of this blog post. I'd like to customize these two.

But, what if I have an important site from which I want to be notified if there is any error raised? Rails 4 Exceptions_app current community chat Stack Overflow Meta Stack Overflow your communities Sign up or log in to customize your list. Is the ability to finish a wizard early a good idea? Reply LightBe Corp says: November 6, 2013 at 12:42 pm Earlier this year I was successful in implementing custom error pages in my Rails 3.2.13 applications using the exceptions_app and match

Rails Render 404 Page

Why generic lambdas are allowed while nested structs with templated methods aren't? Thanks. Rails 4 Custom Error Pages If not, is there a way to create a custom error handler that has access to the pipeline? Rails Exceptions_app Here are the packages, preferences, and tips I recommend for getting the most out of this excellent editor.

Browse other questions tagged ruby-on-rails ruby-on-rails-4 error-handling asset-pipeline or ask your own question. see here Newer Older ShowHide Comments (7) 7 responses to "Rails 3.2 Custom Error Pages, the exceptions_app, and Testing with Capybara" Lee says: June 25, 2013 at 5:06 am With the last approach Sum Chain Sequence What is way to eat rice with hands in front of westerners such that it doesn't appear to be yucky? Use static error pages and point to /assets/application.css for styling. Rails 404 Route

Use dynamic view templates (ERB) for error pages, and take advantage of the stylesheet_link_tag helper to get the right cache-busted filename. This is because you need to tell Rails to no longer dump detailed debugging information to the HTTP response, a feature that is logically desired during the typical debugging process. Is the last line supposed to be: match "/500" to: "errors#error" Great post, thanks! this page There are other solutions where you just use the router as the exceptions app, but then you have to handle those other errors as well.

If you see the default Rails 404 page, you probably forgot to remove public/404.html. Rails Error Page Gem What's the temperature in TGVs? ActiveRecord Strict Validations, Minitest, and Shoulda Are you using thoughtbot’s Shoulda gems with Minitest?

The dynamic error pages should bedisplayed.

This is the solution that ships withRails. Skip to content Ignore Learn more Please note that GitHub no longer supports old versions of Firefox. Continue Reading → Recent Specifying failure message for RSpec expectations Page Objects: Where do you put your assertions? Rails 500 Error Tagged Ruby on Rails.

Custom 404 error page with Rails 4 Written August 8, 2014 at 17:50 BST. Following Rails conventions, just create app/views/layouts/errors.html.erb and that template will automatically be applied to all error pages.Sweet. 7 Testit Since the error pages are normal routes, you can test them in If you're talking about actually catching these exceptions, and doing some dynamic stuff, I think the basic functionality is the same, have some around_filter that catches your particular exception in application_controller Get More Info For example: app/controllers/application_controller.rb class ApplicationController protected def unauthorized render status: 401, template: "/errors/unauthorized.html.haml" false end def not_found render status: 404, template: "/errors/not_found.html.haml" false end With this simple code,

This gem is added to the rails middleware stack and will capture any raised error and send you an email notifying about it. You can pass specific HTTP methods into the via option, however we want to match routes in conjunction with any HTTP method, and so I’ve passed all into via. I can use my application stylesheet in error pages withoutmonkey-patching! Right now my error pages and 404 page are all standard rails/heroku pages.

Why is Pascal's Triangle called a Triangle? Here’s how to doit. 1 Generate an errors controller andviews rails generate controller errors not_found internal_server_error This creates app/controllers/errors_controller.rb with corresponding view templates in app/views/errors/ for the not found (404) and But it gets better: Since these error pages are just like any other Rails views, you can make use of a custom layout to DRY up the markup. If you want nice-looking error pages in Rails 4, here are youroptions: Option 1: No external styles.

On one side, if you set it to false, you can structure your Capybara specs to expect certain exceptions, like so: lambda { visit some_protected_path }.should raise_error(ActionController::UnauthorizedException) While it looks clean, Proof of equation with binomial coefficients Any systematic way of building different adjectives from numerals than just ordinals? unless Rails.application.config.consider_all_requests_local rescue_from Exception, with: lambda { |exception| render_error 500, exception } rescue_from ActionController::RoutingError, ActionController::UnknownController, ::AbstractController::ActionNotFound, ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound, with: lambda { |exception| render_error 404, exception } end private def render_error(status, exception) respond_to They all were already serialized back to the client; Finally, the default exceptions application used by Rails that simply renders a page in public/STATUS.html is available here: action_dispatch/middleware/public_exceptions.rb Remember that whatever

However, someone pointed out... The issue was: since Rails 3 became a lot more Rack “fluent”, we had to move some features to the middleware stack and this forced us to move the whole exceptions Option 2: Monkey patch. If you want to make sure it actually works, change config/environments/development.rb to say 1 2 # Do not commit! config.consider_all_requests_local = false

what does one mean by numerical integration is too expensive? I use .erb Here is app/views/errors/500.html.erb

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By definition, Rails has to be up and running in order for those error pages to be displayed. but almost none for Rails 4 , Are you sure the second reference not work on rails 4? Can I use my client's GPL software? Can I use my client's GPL software?